Chapter 6 – Making an Item from the Hero’s World

“Found it.”

Among the [Health goods] I found earlier, there was a recovery item for people with poor circulation.
It was shaped like a square tub.
There is a space to put in both feet, and shining letters are displayed in the front.

“The name of this is [Foot Bath]?”

The description goes like this.


Powerful water currents and vibrations warm your feet up!
Improves the blood flow throughout the body and eliminates cold feet! The whole body is nice and warm!
It also has the effect of stimulating the acupuncture points of the feet and improving the flow of qi (varies from person to person)!
From the day you use it, it gives you a comfortable life free from poor circulation!”


“It’s a book of the world of the hero. It has a very convincing description.”
“Thor-sama. What are you trying to do?”
“I received this warehouse and materials, so I decided to make this item.”

I showed Mabel the page of the book.

“This is a bucket you put your feet in?”
“Can you help me make it?”
“Y-yes, of course. Please order me to do anything.”

A bucket was found with the cleaning tools.
It’s a big metal one, big enough to fit both legs in.

“Then, can you wash the bucket please?”

Mabel leaves the warehouse with the bucket in her hands.

According to the [Mail Order Catalogue], the [Foot Bath] seems to vibrate hot water in a bucket.
When it comes to that, all I need is a fire magic stone and a wind magic stone.
I’m pretty sure there were some shields with magic stones in ​​the warehouse.

I found it as soon as I looked for it
When I appraised the shields──

[Fire Shield]:

A shield that spews out flames in response to enemy attacks.
(Internal magic mechanism is completely broken and cannot be operated.)

[Wind Shield]:

Causes a storm that blows away enemy arrows.
(Internal magic mechanism is completely broken and cannot be operated.)

Since they’re broken, it’s perfect for the job.
Let’s salvage the magic stones.

“Activate [Creation Alchemy.]

I activated the [Creation Alchemy] skill.
This skill can change substances.
If I touch the shield while the skill is activated ──


The shield became softer.
Even though its metal, it’s soft and fluffy.
With [Creation Alchemy], what I consider to be material can be changed into different forms.
I made the fire magic stone’s surrounding softer and pulled the magic stone out
In the same way, I collected the wind magic stone.
Let’s use the rest of the material of the shield as a material for the [foot bath].

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?”
“What’s wrong, Mabel-san?”
“Well, th-that was the shield that was in the warehouse, right?”
“Was the shield an important thing?”
“No … but why is it soft?”
“Here give it a try”

When I offered it, Mabel reached for the softened shield.

Funi Funi, Funi Funi.

She’s poking the rounded shield to enjoy the soft sensation.

“This feeling is like playing with mud when I was little…”
“Is the bucket cleaned?”
“It’s nice and shiny now. Thank you.”

I have a bucket, the softened shield, a fire magic stone and a wind magic stone now.
I have all the materials I need to copy the item [Foot Bath] from another world.

“Activate [Creation Alchemy]. Create [health goods] from another world [Foot Bath].
An image of the [Foot Bath] appeared in the air.
When I overlapped the bucket and the softened shield with it, the shape of them changed to square like a [Foot Bath].

[Creation Alchemy] walked me through it.
Next, it seems that I should insert the magic stone of fire and the magic stone of wind.
They would become the source that produces hot water and vibration.

Following the image, I put the magic stones into the bucket.
I imagined the magic power flowing out from the magic stones and then dissolving into the water.

I probably can’t produce an exact item from the heroe’s world.
The level of civilization of our worlds are too different.
However, it seems that I can make something that produces similar effects. Something like a rip-off version of it.

I don’t understand the principle behind the items of the hero’s world.
Therefore, in this world, I can only substitute it with magic power and magic stones.

May the powerful water flow and vibration warm Mabel’s feet, improve blood flow throughout the body and eliminate the cold. In addition, stimulate the acupuncture points ──I don’t know what that means ── of her feet so that she can spend your time comfortably ──

“Image of the item has been confirmed. Generating item.”

When I opened my eyes, I saw a [Foot Bath] that looked exactly like the one in the [Mail order catalogue].
It’s a success.

“[Creation Alchemy] has finished.”

When it declared that, the square tub gave off a faint light.
I touched the surface to examined it.


[Foot Bath]
(Attribute: Fire, Water, Wind) (Rarity: ★★ ☆)

The fire magic stone can heat the water inside.
The wind magic stone can create water streams and bubbles.

Since magic stones are consumables, they need to be replaced regularly (Replace them with a new one once a year).
When cleaning it, use clean, freshwater. Do not wash with detergent.
Physical Destruction Resistance: ★★★ (Can only be destroyed with a Magic Weapon).
Service life: 25 years.


So that’s it. Since it was made by me, I can get a more detailed description.
“Um, Thor-sama”
“Yes, Mabel-san?”
“Have you completed it?”
“That’s right. It looks like it’s done.”
“It’s been less than 10 minutes since you had the idea of making it.”
“It was because the materials needed were already here.”
“Are all the alchemists of the empire like this?”
“I’m not sure because I haven’t met any other alchemists before.”

My dad did say “Don’t be conceit. Alchemists like you are everywhere!”
But his judgements are flawed most of the time.
I didn’t get to visit an alchemist’s workshop so I’m not really sure.

“Maybe there are quite a lot?”
“A lot… there are a lot of alchemists who have the same power as Thor-sama.”
“In the first place, the thing I made is just a copy of an item from the hero’s world. It’s not that surprising.”
“A copy of the hero’s item. In such a short time …”
“Mabel-san, your face is blue are you alright?”
“N-no, it’s okay”

Mabel places her hand on her chest and said.

“Can I use this please?”
“No, I’ll give it to you.”
“To me!? A copy of an item from the world of heroes!?”
“Please guide me to a place to get water for the time being. I will teach you how to use it.”

That’s why Mable and I decided to go get water inside the castle.


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      1. oof i hope it wasn’t what i think you implied but then it might just be my dirty mind at work. as a guy yeah that probably would be preety bad but for this man oh dear lord.


    1. From what we have seen so far, the empire is basically letting its infrastructure erode a slow death, I expect oppressing the conquered peoples is the only reason that they can feed their population, and that only works for so long.

      But Pops will face karma, and exiling his son when he did is part of his downfall.

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  1. “Service life: 25 years.”

    How much are people willing to bet that the Hero weapons that Pops claimed are so good that they do not need alchemists to make any more also have this, juts significantly longer.

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