Chapter 23 – Ancient Ruin Traps

After walking through the ancient ruins for a while, we broke through another similar mechanism and arrived at a large space with a two-story atrium.
By eye measurement, it should be a space of about 50m in length and 20m in width.
There were several long stone desks on the ground below.
The upper layer has a passage that surrounds the lower layer.
There were rooms next to the passages of the layers.

“Hmm, I don’t think there was such a place last time I came”

Fafnir was flying around with interest.

“.It’s amazing! This is a big discovery! No way there was such a space in the ancient ruins of Lasdea! This long table looks like someone has been living here! It’s amazing! I wonder if there are any more traces left! ? “

As always, Yun is as energetic as child.

[Noah, come over here for a moment”]

Fafnir called me from the front of an upper room.
When I looked into the room, there was a skeleton that seemed to belong to a human being.

“Is this the skeleton of an ancient race?”
[I don’t know much, but for certain the owner of this skeleton lived here while he was alive. Shouldn’t we show this to that woman?]

I got out of the room

“Yun! I found a skeleton that seems to belong to an ancient race! Come here!”
“What? Are you joking !?”

Yun came here in a hurry.

“There’s really one here. I won’t know for sure until I analyze it properly, but it should be a resident of this place.”
“Would you like to bring it to the mansion?”
“Well, let’s carry this skeleton to the mansion for the time being!”
“It’s okay. I have some useful magic. ── 《Item Box》”

I threw the skeleton into the 《Item Box》.
Now I can take it out at any time I want.

“It’s gone!”
“It’s okay, I can take it out anytime.”
“Isn’t it a little too convenient !? If so, could you put this pine torch in there too!?”
“If you put it in, the fire will go out. Is that ok?”
“It’s ok, I just have to light the fire again! Please!”

Yun’s torch was also stored in the 《Item Box》.

“Hmm, this makes it so much easier! Rather, Noah’s ability is too convenient and dangerous! I want a Noah.”
“Ah, thank you?”
“But if you have such useful magic, we can go deeper into the ruins then! Let’s keep up the good work!”

At the end of the lower layer, there was a road leading further in.

We went deeper into the ruin.
There were many various traps and gimmicks along the way.
It seems that the degree of danger has increased once we passed the living area earlier.

“Hiiiiiii!? Arrows!?”
[This arrow is dangerous! Noah, help me!]
“《Magic Impact》”

Just by stepping on a trap, a powerful arrow with curse magic was shot,

Suddenly, a large rock rolled towards us.

“Gyaaaaaaa! Rockkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”
[Noah! This rock has magic power imbued in it making it heavy! It’s rolling towards us quickly! Please do something about it now!]
“《Magic Impact》”

“Yeah, that was dangerous …”
“Umu. It’s safer to let Noah go first after all. “

I learned a little after falling into that many traps.
I decided to go first.
By the way, this was my suggestion.
This is because I can save more magic power because I don’t have to save Yun and Fafnir all the time.

The number of traps is extraordinary.
In addition to the ones that can be broken through with brute force. There are some, where if you couldn’t read ancient characters, you couldn’t move on.
To be honest, I was quite panicked when we were trapped in a room and had to solve the riddle before the room was filled with water.

“Even so, why are there so many traps?”
“Aren’t they simply there to protect something.”
“Is the thing their trying to protect a treasure of the ancient civilization?”
“Fufufu, the possibility is very high!”
“Ooo, I wanted to reach the end anyway, but I’m even more motivated now!”
“Yes! I’m counting on you Noah! I can’t live without Noah!”
“I’ll do my best, but let’s all run away in case of emergency.”

This ancient ruin is tougher than I expected.
I have to leave as much magical power as possible for《Telelportation》just in case something goes south.

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