Chapter 22 – Ancient Ruins

The ancient ruins were a bit bigger than I imagined when I was on the sky tower.
It has the shape of a palace, and moss grows on the stone walls, giving a feel of the flow of history.

“Hoh. It’s this place?”

Fafnir muttered nostalgicly.

“Does it look familiar?”
[Umu. I remember a long time ago when I was killing some time I tried to destroy it.]
“What were you even doing?”
[Uh, shut up! I just wanted to break it!]
“I’m really glad it didn’t break …”

However, it would have been a big deal if Fafnir broke it.
The wisdom and technology of the ancient people would have been lost.
Yun understands that we were talking, so she went ahead without making a fuss.
“This is the entrance”

At the end of the long stairs was the entrance to the building.
It was a stone door full of moss.
It’s already broken though, so it doesn’t really have the function of a door anymore.

“I need a torch because it’s dark inside.”
“The place we met before had blue flames on the wall, but there is nothing here.”
“Yes. Depending on the ruin, some are bright while others are dark. It’s a strange thing.”

Yun took a long rod out of her backpack and rubbed it with pine oil.

“Isn’t there a magic tool that can be used to illuminate the place?”
“Fufu, it broke down in my last exploration trip!”
“Well, I see.”

Shouldn’t you have repaired it before coming to explore? I thought so, but I didn’t say it out loud.
I had a strong desire to explore the ancient ruins as soon as possible.

While Yun was igniting the torch, I examined the walls inside the ancient ruins.
I wanted to check if like the last place, the ancient characters for the ancient magic《torch is written,

“Oh, is this it?”

I found a thing that looked like the ancient magic 《Torch》 on the wall.
The letters were erased in the middle, and it seemed that it couldn’t work properly.


I corrected the letters and completed the ancient magic 《Torch》.
Then, blue flames were lit along the wall.

“Eh? Eh!? What happened !?”

Yun was just lighted her pine torch.
…… I’m sorry.

“The ancient magic here wasn’t operating correctly, so I tried to fix it and it turned out like this…”
“You don’t have to sound so depressed! Noah, it’s true! It was the correct answer to ask Noah to come with me!”
“It was my bad for doing it without informing you. I should have left a word before activating the torch.”
“What are you talking about! There’s nothing you need to apologize for!”
“Is that so? Well, I should carry the pine torch for the time being.”
“It’s okay. The key person in this search is Noah. I can handle things like holding a torch.”
“O, oh, I understand.”

We went further into the ancient ruins.

“Do monsters appear inside the ruins?”
“I haven’t seen anything in particular~. I wonder if there is one?”
“I see, it’s a relatively safe place.”
“Yeah, but new paths or traps do sometimes appear suddenly.”

While we were talking, the road came to a dead end.
When I looked at the wall, it was written in ancient letters that “The road is hidden behind the wall.”

“For this … it should be here. well, I think it was like this. When you press this tile ──”


The stone wall slid sideways, allowing a path to be shown.
It’s a pretty simple gimmick, but what is the purpose of it?
Anyone who can read ancient characters is likely to find the gimmick.
However, if you can’t read ancient characters, it’s difficult unless you carefully examine the surroundings.
What kind of purpose is it used for?

“Hey? There are many such gimmicks at ancient ruins.”
“Yun, actually. This gimmick had a hint on the wall earlier.”
“Eh? That’s right? Certainly, there are some ancient letters written on the wall. Fufufu! Then, If Noah is here we can reach the deepest part of this ruin! I’m counting on you! Noah! “
“Yeah. I’ll do my best.”

With Yun in a good mood, we go deeper into the rune again.

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  1. Good Job!!!
    Improving your vocabulary in such short translation “Ancient Ruins”
    I kinda like your transalated version
    Hope you bring out more chapter ☺️☺️☺️☺️


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