Alchemist on an isolated island-Because I was sent to an isolated island during my school trip, I will become an alchemist and improve my living environment-


The main character, Kei, was taken to a strange place while he was sleeping while he was on a bus during his school trip.
The sea in front of him and the forest behind him, a place that you wouldn’t come on a school trip.
What does it mean to be thrown into nature even though you were on the bus in the first place!

Such an isolated island is actually a place full of fantasy, with some mysterious apps installed on his smartphone, job selections, levels, and so on, an environment that seems unrealistic at all.
Moreover, the rabbit got provoked, and there is a huge spider in the forest. This smells like the scent of a battle.


Novel updates:

  • Arc 1: Lifestyle, Alchemy, and Field Boss