Chapter 21 – Sky Tower

The Sky Tower was located on the outskirts of the capital.
The houses here are all older than the ones in the royal capital. Some even seem to be abandoned.
At the entrance of the Sky Tower, an old knight in light armor was sitting alone in a chair.
The old knight yawned.

Yun greeted the old knight and said,

“This person is my companion.”
“Yes, yes, I understand.”

They looked very familiar with each other.
Yun may have come to this Sky Tower many times.
When I looked up at the Sky Tower, it seemed to endlessly extend to the skies.

There was a spiral staircase in front of us when we entered.
I touched the wall.
It seemed to use the same stone material as the walls of the ancient ruins.
A torch is also installed in this tower, and the ancient characters for 《Torch》 were engraved.

“Did you notice? The wall is the same as the ancient ruins before.”
“It looks like it. The strength looks pretty good.”
“Yeah. And this wall is a ridiculous thing! The stone processing technology is so good that it’s not comparable to modern times! As expected of lost technology. Technology develops with history, but it is also a fact the ancient technology was vastly superior to modern times. “
“I see, the stone used for this wall is also a lost technology. “

This is information that I couldn’t find in my parents’ library.
Very interesting, very interesting.

“Okay, let’s climb it now!”
“Wait a minute”

I stopped Yun from trying to climb the stairs.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”
“I am also going to show Yun a lost technology.

Yun didn’t seem to know what I was talking about.

“Actually, I can use ancient magic.”
“Oh! Is it the one where you suddenly disappear!?”

By the way, when I first met, I used 《Teleportation》.
Then that makes it easier to explain.

“Oh yeah. Then can you come closer to me?”

As Yun came closer to me, I started chanting.


The transfer destination is the top floor of the sky tower.
Yun couldn’t hide her surprise in the sudden change in the surrounding scenery.

“You’re amazing! I never thought I could come to the top of the sky tower so quickly!”
“Did you doubt me?”
“Not really, but I didn’t know you could do such amazing things!”
“But didn’t you see me reading ancient characters when we first met?”
“Well, I did but I didn’t know that you could use ancient magic with just that!”

…… Ah, that’s right?
The average person doesn’t know that to use ancient magic, you only need to understand ancient characters.

A a change of pace I looked out the huge window of the sky tower.

An island floating in the sky.
A large mountain of crystal that glows reddish-purple.
Many castles were built in various places.
Among them, the one that stands out was an object that boasted a unique design.
Looking down from the Sky Tower, something like a palace was built out of stone.

“It’s a great view. I like the view from here, isn’t it exciting to see the wide world?”
“Yeah! It’s really amazing, this view”
“That’s right! As an archaeologist, I would like to explain that the pyramid-shaped megastructure and the cubic megastructures are all ancient ruins!”
“I see, is the structure there that looks like a giant arm an ancient ruin too?”
“Yes! It’s an ancient ruin! It’s amazing, isn’t it!? Ancient people did something that we would have problems doing now!”
“Huh, It feels so very romantic. I want to go there someday.”
“Noah can definitely go! You can use ancient magic and read ancient characters!? It’s like you were born just to solve the mystery of this world!”
“Well, that’s an overstatement?”
“None sense! That’s not the case! Only you! No one can do what you just did!”
“Aha … Thank you.”

I’m out of tune when I’m praised so much.
I don’t know how to answer because I don’t have much experience getting complimented.

“As an archaeologist, I’m proud to be able to go to ancient ruins with Noah! Let’s solve the mystery together!”
“… Oh, that’s right. Of course, I’ll cooperate with whatever I can do.”
“Fufu, Noah is equivalent to the power of 100 people!”

Then I watched the view from the Sky Tower for a while.
Looking down on the ancient ruins that we will be visiting tomorrow from the Sky Tower, it was a palace-like luxurious building.
It’s interesting how the shape of the ancient ruins varies greatly depending on the location.

we used 《Teleportation》 as well to get back to the ground
When I got out of the Sky Tower, the old knight who was guarding the entrance looked surprised.

“Did you give up climbing the Sky Tower on the way?”
“No? We’ve done our business already.”

The old knight was tilting his head.

After leaving the Sky Tower, I decided to stay at Yun’s house.
However, in reality, it was more like a mansion than a house.
There were many vacant rooms, so I was permitted to use them as I liked.

[Oh! This bed is so fluffy! It’s different from the one in the inn!]

Fafnir was jumping and playing on the bed in the room.
As Fafnir said, the quality of the beds were extremely good and I slept soundly that day.
The next day, the exploration of the ancient ruins finally began.

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      1. No, like, I checked the chapter raw via mtl… this is the rough start:

        Sky tower

        The outskirts of the royal capital.
        The Sky Tower is built there.
        Many of the houses around here are older than the center of the royal capital.
        The house was abandoned and was no longer inhabited.

        At the entrance of the sky tower, an old knight wearing light armor was sitting alone in a chair.
        The old knight was yawning.

        Yun greeted the old knight and
        “Because this person is my companion”
        “Hey, I understand.”


      2. Oh shoot. Sorry, I didn’t check the top of the novel. Control+c and control+v is such a hard thing to do… I’ll fix it asap.Thanks btw🙏🙏🙏.


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